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Mentoring Session \ Kelly & Mark

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Before I start any rumors.... Kelly and Mark are NOT engaged. They are however, a gorgeous couple and graciously pretended to be engaged for me!

But, let's back track just a little bit....

Since I started really investing in my photography skills and business two years ago, I started following a number of local photographers. One such photographer is the amazing Meredith Hunter from Meredith Jane Photography. I have followed Meredith on social media for a while. As a new photographer, her style was one that I drew inspiration from for my own shoots. So, needless to say, I was so excited to hear that Meredith was offering mentoring sessions and I jumped on the chance right away! She was so sweet to work with and she brought her second shooter (her wonderful fiance, Chris) along with her to our session. Even though it was an absolutely freezing Boston night (it was mid-March!) Meredith and Chris did not let that stop them from giving me a great session. I learned so much - I wanted to go out and book all new clients right away to put what I learned into practice! A few weeks later, we had our screen-sharing conference call and Meredith showed me her editing tricks. She was open to all of my questions and really taught me a lot not only about photography but also about being confident in my own work. I would recommend investing in a mentoring session with MJP for any new photographers looking to improve their portraiture skills. 

Coincidentally, a few months ago, I found out she is photographing the wedding of one of my first childhood friends in September! So, I can't wait to see her in action!

A HUGE thank you to my sister, Kelly and her boyfriend, Mark, for pretending to be engaged and allowing me to practice on you (again!)

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