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Engagement Session | Kelly & Mark

September 24, 2018 | Boston Public Garden

A few months ago I posted about a mentoring session I had with another photographer and Kelly & Mark were my models. Well, now, they really are engaged and I am so excited to be sharing their photos with you all!

Kelly, for those of you who don't know, is my youngest sister and got engaged in July to Mark. Mark has been an unofficial part of our family for many years - even before Kelly and Mark started dating a few years ago. So, I'm so happy that I will be able to officially call him my "brother" in just under a year!

I have asked (forced) Kelly and Mark to model for me in the past, so I had been begging Kelly to let me shoot some engagement photos of them pretty much every day since July. When they decided they wanted them done in the Boston Public Garden, it was a dream come true! The Public Garden is one of my favorite shooting locations - for any type of photography - so to be able to do this for my sister and new brother was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, tight schedules and Boston rush hour traffic robbed us of that perfect golden hour light, but I think we were able to pull it off anyway!

Congratulations, Kelly and Mark! I absolutely cannot wait for your big day!

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